Titans News · Cosby’s Forensics Team Wins Conference 3

We are delighted to announce that Cosby’s Forensics Team placed first in the conference at Friday’s tournament. This was made possible by the inclusion of many eighth-graders from Swift Creek Middle School, with special thanks to their speech/ drama sponsor- Melissa Atkinson. The team advances to the regional tournament at Bayside High School on February 25th.

ForensicsĀ participate in various speech events- such as poetry, prose, storytelling, dramatic interpretation, original oratory, extemporaneous, and impromptu.

Here are your 2016-2017 Conference 3 Forensics Team Members:

Justin Dunford

Shaq Carmichael
Max Ritter
Peace Nyeche
Graysen Viar
Morgan Livesay
Stephen Escamilla
Amanda Werner
Elle Cleveland
Marilee Flood
Maya Jenkins
Trinity Green
Erin Dunnegan
Madison Williams
Angelina Anderson
Adriana Medina
Daisha Joyner
Manjiri Talegaonkar