Multiple Teams · Wrestling Information



WEIGHT LIFTING – Mon, Wed, and Fri 2:15, open mats 3:30


– begins Monday Nov 6th at 2:15 pm.

– every wrestler is expected to be at every practice

– if you cannot attend a practice then you need to let Coach Stefanko know ahead

of  time

– will be held on Saturdays at the beginning of the season and over Thanksgiving

and Christmas break


– must have a current physical on VHSL form (must be after May 1st 2017) and

concussion form, bring this with you to the first practice (you must have these 2

forms before you can participate)

– if you participated in a fall sport, or received one at Cosby in the spring of last

year then you do not need another one


– practice packs can be purchased through My Team website at the beginning of

October (I will email the website as soon as it is posted)

– the practice pack will consist of sweatshirt, sweatpants, shorts, t shirt, hat, and

under armor shirt, headgear, and MMA shorts (you can order as much or as

little as you want), but need to have either a shirt or sweatshirt

– practice clothing cannot have buttons or zippers –  regular gym clothes are


– warm clothes and running shoes are needed everyday, you will condition

outside even if it is cold

– no earrings, jewelry, watch, or rings may be worn at practice. Wrestling shoes

must be worn at practice – sneakers cannot be worn on the wrestling mats


– will be given out prior to the first match

– all wrestling shoes must have the laces covered

– kneepads are optional and must be purchased by the wrestler

– anyone with braces must have a mouth guard


– Varsity A, Varsity B (no 8th graders), and JV (no 12th graders)

–    matches will be held Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

–     wrestle offs will determine the varsity

QUESTIONS:  – email Coach Stefanko at : or stop

by room 400