Girls Junior Varsity Field Hockey, Girls Varsity Field Hockey · Field Hockey Tryout Rubric

During tryouts each player will be assessed on 9 different skills associated with field hockey. We are looking for players that not only have the approriate field hockey ability, but are also hardworking and coachable. Each player trying out must score at least a 3 out of 5 in both sportsmanship and coachability or else they will not make the team.
Name: Grade:
Categories Score (Out of 5)
Drives/hits (Form, consistency, power)
Push passes (Form, consistency, power)
Dribbling/stick work (Form, speed)
Defensive ability (Shadowing, jabs, tackles)
Agility (Lateral Movement, Speed)
Endurance (Mile Time > 8:30)
Knowledge (Rules, fouls, positions)
Sportsmanship (Leadership, teamwork)
Coachability (Ability to listen and take instruction)