Athletic Boosters “Heart of a Titan” Scholarship

The Athletic Boosters will award two (2) scholarships to a deserving male and female senior student athlete at the Senior Awards Ceremony in May.  The scholarships will be for $1,000 each.


Eligibility for Scholarship Consideration

  • A player on one or more athletic varsity team(s) for a minimum of two (2) years.
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA at the end of the first semester of senior year
  • Will be pursuing a post-secondary education in the fall
  • Sportsmanship: Student must have represented Cosby High School in a positive manner and have consistently demonstrated sportsmanship in all athletic contests.
  • Membership in Athletic Boosters for a minimum of 1 year for 2018 seniors, 2 years for 2019 seniors, 3 years for 2020 seniors, and 4 years for 2021 seniors and all the years following.  Transfer students and students who did  not begin playing on a Cosby team until junior year must have joined as soon as the student began playing.

All senior students meeting these criteria are invited to apply for the Heart of a Titan Student-Athlete Scholarship.

Go to the following website to view/download the application: Cosby Athletic Boosters Website